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Show the personality behind your business.

Show the personality behind your business

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It has often been said that customers don’t buy from businesses – they buy from people. Podcasts and videos give you a window through which you can connect with your audience and show off the personalities at your company.

Bringing your organisation to life is crucial for standing out in a busy marketplace. With the right guidance, your company can utilise podcasts and videos to:

  • Share top tips and prove your expertise
  • Reach a much wider audience
  • Convert viewers/listeners into customers
  • Improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Increase brand loyalty

Marketing is all about ‘bringing your organisation to life’ – and nothing does this better than videos and podcasts.

Unlock the potential of podcasts

Did you know that 116 million people listen to podcasts monthly? It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, your ideal customers are listening to podcasts. The only question is: how do you get their attention?

The right expert support enables you to:

  • Record, edit and publish your podcast
  • Climb up the search rankings on all major platforms
  • Discuss topics which appeal to your prospects
  • Engage listeners from start to finish
  • Convert listeners into customers

It may seem daunting to take your first step into podcasting – and that’s where expert guidance comes in. You can turn this unfamiliar medium into an enjoyable, money-making tool by bringing the right experts on-board.

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Stand out from the crowd with excellent videos

The power of a high-quality video cannot be overstated. Most people prefer watching videos to reading text – and Senior Executives who you are targeting simply do not have the time to read multi-page documents you send them.

Your organisation can use videos to cost-effectively achieve the following aims:

  • Spread awareness of your activities
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Connect with viewers and show your personality
  • Create content for many different platforms
  • Improve your SEO (when hosted on YouTube)
  • Turn podcast recordings into video clips
  • Use bespoke sales collateral in tenders
The right experts will also help you to bring your videos to market. You will be guided in not only planning and executing a video – but also in sharing it across multiple platforms. This guarantees that your video content is optimally leveraged to achieve the best Return on your Investment.

Connect with your potential customers

Your business can connect with potential customers using podcasts and videos – and turn a viewer/listener into a sale.

To discuss how these could work for you, contact us today at or call 01923 549 177.

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