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Building awareness for a community-driven business in Haiti

Veerhouse Voda is a construction organisation operating in Haiti and Dominican Republic. They regularly partner with non-profit organisations such as the World Health Organization and Doctors without Borders to develop ‘disaster-proof’ buildings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Houses
  • Disaster Shelters

There is an enormous need for this service in Haiti and Dominican Republic, where extreme weather conditions demolish hundreds of buildings every year.

Veerhouse Voda wanted to grow awareness about their services and build their network throughout Haiti and Dominican Republic. Feysal Marketing was brought in to make this happen.

Achieving outstanding results for Veerhouse Voda

Feysal Marketing’s communication campaign resulted in the following results:

  • 20,000+ Post Views
  • 150+ Prospects Added to their Network
  • 468 Post Likes

Veerhouse Voda was delighted with the results achieved by Feysal Marketing – and our two companies continue to work closely together.

What Our Client Said:

“In the span of a few months, Feysal Marketing’s work has led to several new customers and pipelines of business that would have otherwise overlooked our company. I am very thankful for Simon and his professionalism. I highly recommend his services.”

Brendon Brewster, Founder and Director, Veerhouse Voda

Executing consistent communications for the CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Veerhouse Voda wanted to expand his network on LinkedIn and execute a more consistent posting strategy. Feysal Marketing worked with him to:

  • Identify key projects Veerhouse Voda was involved with
  • Gather all images and videos from the relevant projects
  • Create a clear content posting schedule
  • Write 10+ posts for his LinkedIn page
  • Connect with stakeholders in Haiti and Dominican Republic

Feysal Marketing used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify Veerhouse Voda’s target prospects in Haiti and Dominican Republic – and then systematically connect with these people.

Once the CEO’s network had been expanded, we sent out 10+ posts (with relevantly designed graphics) which aimed to:

  • Grow awareness of his brand
  • Engage target prospects who may be able to offer him their business
  • Update his network on the company’s activities
  • Establish himself as an active thought-leader in the industry
  • Keep Veerhouse Voda top-of-mind in the relevant Caribbean communities

The campaign was hugely successful and resulted in a long-standing collaboration between Feysal Marketing and Veerhouse Voda.

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