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Keeping KAI top-of-mind amongst academics

KAI is one of the world’s foremost psychometric measures for problem-solving, teamwork and creativity. Based on the work of the late Dr Michael J Kirton, the KAI measures someone’s preferred problem-solving style – from how they cook a meal to how they deal with other people in their life.

The KAI Foundation oversees all work involving the KAI, including:

  • Training academics to become ‘KAI practitioners’
  • Conducting research surrounding problem-solving style
  • Consulting with world-leading organisations using the KAI
  • Teaching KAI at USA Universities – particularly Virginia Tech
  • Translating the KAI into other languages
  • Printing and delivering copies of the KAI

The Chief Executive Officer of the KAI Foundation wanted to engage with already-qualified, inactive KAI practitioners to remind them of the value of using KAI in their consulting work. She also wanted to grow awareness of the KAI amongst a wider academic audience – particularly in the USA.

Feysal Marketing was brought in to help the KAI Foundation achieve this.

Engaging inactive practitioners through the relevant channels

Feysal Marketing helped the KAI Foundation to engage inactive practitioners through the following methods:

  • Writing newsletters to be sent to their database of practitioners
  • Re-writing and publishing new blogs to generate interest
  • Posting on LinkedIn about the KAI Foundation’s activities

Feysal Marketing worked closely with the CEO to identify key topics she wanted to communicate with practitioners about each week. We then wrote all the copy for newsletters, blogs and LinkedIn posts, so the regularity of marketing activity was increased, and practitioners were consistently engaged every week.

Increasing the regularity of marketing activity

The KAI Foundation valued Feysal Marketing’s ability to carry out all of these marketing activities on their behalf. Within the first few weeks of working together, we were able to:

  • Achieve a 50% open rate with our newsletters
  • Receive 100+ Likes, Comments and Shares on the CEO’s LinkedIn
  • Publish a new blog which stimulated practitioner discussion via LinkedIn and email
  • Increase the KAI Foundation’s engagement with practitioners

The KAI Foundation was delighted with the results we achieved. These positive results have continued – and our two organisations have continued to collaborate closely.

What Our Client Said:

“Feysal Marketing have made content generation easy. They ensure they ‘get what they need from me’ to ensure high-quality content is consistently presented to my audiences, through a wide range of channels.

We are delighted with the effect achieved – which is measurable through the increased activity on the website, increased requests to join our mailing list, and the growth in enquiries generated.”

Nicola Kirton, Founder and CEO, The KAI Foundation

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