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Writing thought-leadership blogs for a global talent hub

Our client was one of the world’s leading talent hubs, helping students from top universities and schools to get hired in the world’s best organisations. Their business has an all-in-one platform which enables students to:

  • Improve their CV and learn new skills
  • Discover tips for improving their ‘employability’
  • Speak directly with companies that are hiring
  • Apply for jobs

Our client also works directly with industry-leading companies to find placements for students registered on their platform.

Our client wanted to improve the ‘Blog’ section on their website and establish their website as the go-to place for students keen to discover advice about getting hired. Feysal Marketing was brought in to write these blogs.

Providing students with guidance on how to get hired

Feysal Marketing worked with our client to identify the key topics they would like us to write blogs about. Each topic focused on providing benefit to the student readers – so they could learn new skills, get value from the client’s platform, and improve their chances of getting hired.

Once our aims had been set, we wrote blogs for this client which:

  • Provided excellent employability tips to students
  • Set the client apart from other hiring platforms
  • Showed the company’s in-depth expertise
  • Were SEO-optimised
  • Scanned easily – with bullet points, headings and subheadings
  • Engaged the reader with ‘You’ copy

These blogs were produced on a weekly basis and provided the client with a strong content bank, through which they could improve their SEO, and provide value to the students signed to their platform.

Successfully guiding students in how to get hired

Our client was delighted with the quality of blogs that Feysal Marketing produced. Our blogs successfully guided students in how to get hired – and our client therefore received excellent feedback from the student readers, who loved the content.

This project has resulted in a long-standing collaboration between Feysal Marketing and the client.

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