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Writing articles for a leading UK property company

Our client was one of the UK’s largest cash house buying companies. Their business purchases properties for cash, at a price slightly lower than the typical market rate, in exchange for a quicker and more convenient process for the seller.

In most cases, the company’s clients benefit from:

  • Receiving money within 7 days of first contact
  • Reduced legal fees
  • A 100% guaranteed sale
  • Reduced stress

After establishing itself as a leader in the cash house buying industry, our client wanted to forge itself as a thought leader in the property market overall. Their aim was for anyone with a question about selling a house to visit their website, as the go-to place for in-depth guidance on dealing with property issues.

Our client decided to outsource the writing of these articles. Therefore, Feysal Marketing was brought in to write these articles for the client.

Producing 30 excellent property articles per month

Our client had a huge client base and a very strong reputation in its sector. Therefore, it was pivotal that the work we produced was of the highest quality.
Feysal Marketing wrote 30 excellent articles every month for the client, for over a year. Each piece had the following attributes:

  • SEO-optimised
  • Approx. 1000 words
  • Answered common ‘pain points’ for homeowners
  • Showed the client as a thought-leader in the industry
  • Significantly increased visits to their website
  • Included internal and external links

Our client’s website was already receiving huge amounts of traffic – and after we started publishing our articles, these numbers went up even further.

A hugely satisfied client

Our client’s website became the go-to place for any property questions in the UK. They were over the moon with the quality of work that Feysal Marketing produced – and our two organisations continue to work together, over one year later.

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