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Establishing a charity’s presence on social media

Mission EmployAble is a non-profit organisation based in Hertfordshire, England, which helps young adults with learning disabilities to find a job and lead fulfilled lives.

The charity runs a one-year supported internship for adults with learning disabilities. Throughout this course, the trainees learn:

  • Skills required for the workplace
  • Improved social skills
  • Transition smoothly into the workplace
  • And are supported to find paid employment or further educational training

Mission EmployAble wanted to build a presence on social media, which they did not currently have. Feysal Marketing was brought in to achieve this.

Creating a social media strategy – and then executing it

Feysal Marketing created a social media strategy for Mission EmployAble. This was shared with the charity’s board of Trustees and outlined how we could help them to:

  • Grow awareness of their brand
  • Increase signups to charity events
  • Utilise each platform in different ways
  • Boost applicant numbers for their training course

Once the charity approved our approach, we created social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for Mission EmployAble. We carried out the following activities on all platforms for several years:

  • Posted multiple times per week
  • Used strong Call-to-Actions in every post
  • Created Reels for Instagram and Facebook
  • Targeted LinkedIn posts at potential donators
  • Grew our following on each platform
  • Built an active, enthusiastic community
  • Conducted hashtag research for all posts

Feysal Marketing continues to support Mission EmployAble with much of their social media activity, due to the success of our work together.

Achieving an excellent Return on Investment for our client

Mission EmployAble has hugely increased their social media position and have received a significant increase in event signups and donations as a result of our work. We have also grown a huge online community for the charity, which includes:

  • 1000s of people engaging with posts weekly
  • 100+ clicks to the charity website per month
  • Huge increase in charity event signups
  • Enormous growth in awareness of the charity’s activities
  • Massive boost in signups for the training course

Mission EmployAble is delighted with the marketing support Feysal Marketing continues to provide. We are proud to work with a charity making such an outstanding difference.

What Our Client Said:

“Feysal Marketing have been fantastic with our social media campaign. Simon has really taken the time to understand what we are trying to achieve and has been very thoughtful in how to achieve the best results.  We are very happy working with them.”

Katharine Weston, Chairperson and Founder, Mission EmployAble


“Feysal Marketing has superbly guided our social media campaign. They have grown our pages significantly, shared original high-quality content every day, and created a strategy that increased ticket sales to our charity events. I recommend Simon without hesitation.”

Erica Bendall, Head of Events, Mission EmployAble

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