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LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool.

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool.

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Your organisation needs to be seen by prospects with the power to give you their business. With 830 million active users, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to make that happen.

Your organisation can use LinkedIn to:

  • Generate hot leads
  • Setup meetings with prospects
  • Impress readers and show credibility
  • Establish yourself as an industry thought leader
  • Gain introductions and referrals
  • Direct more people to your website

You can build credibility, awareness and leads through both personal and company LinkedIn pages. When you receive the right guidance in either format, your LinkedIn account can be transformed into a consistent, reliable sales pipeline.

Kickstart your lead generation campaign

Does your organisation want to get in touch with key decision makers at target companies? LinkedIn’s database is the secret to making that happen. With the correct guidance, your company can use the database to:

  • Target prospects by location, sector, seniority and more
  • Narrow your searches to identify key decision makers
  • Gather your results in a clear database
  • Conduct in-depth research on every prospect
  • Personalise your approach to each individual
  • Generate valuable, qualified leads

Your lead generation campaign will be most successful if you carry out targeted, non-salesy communication which adds value to your prospects. This involves not only direct messaging, but a calculated posting schedule which grabs the attention of everyone in your network.

A soft, slow-burn approach is crucial to developing a reliable sales pipeline – and the right marketing expert will guide you through this process on LinkedIn.

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Develop your personal brand

Did you know that brand messages are re-shared 24x more frequently when posted by an individual?

This statistic is essential for understanding the power of personal branding. As a CEO, Founder or Director, you can reach a wider audience and accelerate growth when you take time to brand yourself, as well as your business.

With the right guidance, you can optimise your LinkedIn profile and establish a clear personal brand which helps you to:

  • Accelerate your business’s growth
  • Get booked for public speaking events
  • Attract the highest quality employees
  • Increase interview requests and publication features
  • Establish yourself as an industry thought leader
Developing your personal brand is not an ego-driven thing to do – it provides a real competitive advantage. You can work with LinkedIn experts to create and curate authentic content based on your own personal opinions and experiences. These can then be shared online by the marketing experts, so you don’t have to.

Make the most of LinkedIn.

When you know how to utilise LinkedIn in the best possible way, it can offer huge value to your business.

To make this happen for your company, contact Feysal Marketing today at or call 01923 549 177.

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