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Marketing is the backbone to your sales pipeline.

Marketing is the backbone to your sales pipeline.

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Your organisation needs to know where its next sales are coming from – in three days, three weeks and three months. An ever-flowing sales pipeline is essential for your business’s bottom line – and the right marketing activity makes this happen.

You can generate qualified leads, which increase your turnover and profit, through:

  • Targeted LinkedIn messaging campaigns
  • Outstanding brochures – used as sales collateral
  • Upselling to customers via email marketing
  • Concise newsletters which bring new customers on-board
  • Eye-catching adverts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google
  • Exciting videos specially made for your latest tender
  • Printed ads in specific magazines and newspapers

Each of these lead generation methods is entirely measurable, from beginning to end – which enables your organisation to accurately capture its Return on Investment.

Measure your Return on Investment from start to finish

Some businesses view marketing as a bit of a ‘black box’ – particularly in areas such as social media, where the primary goal is long term brand awareness rather than short-term sales.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The right expert guidance enables your company to measure your Return on Investment, from start to finish. You can be shown how to:

  • Use Facebook Pixels to monitor website visitor activity
  • Track link clicks in all emails
  • Measure how long prospects have viewed your advert or video
  • Store all LinkedIn leads in a single database
  • Integrate HubSpot with all your marketing activities
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You can track when people are engaging with your collateral; who is responding the most; why they are engaging; what action they take after visiting your website; and much, much more.

This transforms marketing from an ‘unknown entity’ to a reliable sales pipeline which constantly brings money through the door.

Generate hot leads for your business

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