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TikTok isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Once upon a time, the platform was filled almost exclusively with videos of people dancing, fashion advice pages, and Disney fan accounts. The platform has moved on since then.
Now, whether you like it or not – or even use it or not – TikTok has had a significant impact on your social media experience. It now leads the way for thematic-generated content – and all the other platforms are playing catch-up.

Thematic generated content. What on earth is that?

Back in the old days, your social media feed varied based on the people you followed. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook only showed you content posted by accounts you follow.
Times have changed.
These days, your feed is less determined by who you follow, and instead by what you watch. TikTok was the first major platform to introduce this idea.
The execution is simple. Social media platforms measure which videos you spend the longest time watching – and then show you more videos in the same ‘theme’ as your favourites.
For example, if you carry on swiping whenever a cat video appears, but watch the entire video whenever there’s a dog on screen, then TikTok will register this behaviour, and show you more dog videos (and stop showing you cat videos!). This applies to all the videos you watch – meaning, in a very short time, you have a TikTok feed filled with videos on the topics you love.

Follow the leader

Thematic generated content was a huge hit for TikTok. They were the first platform to do it, and it thrust them into the limelight.
Ever since, the other platforms have been playing catch-up. Instagram and Facebook introduced ‘Reels’ to mimic the video-only nature of TikTok – and then applied the same thematic generated algorithm.
The end result? TikTok has grown from a small, unknown platform to a major global player in only a couple of years.

An ever-growing search engine

TikTok took huge steps forward in another aspect of social media: multi-purposing as a search engine. It was the first platform to be used (primarily by youngsters) to find out answers to their pressing questions.
In fact, after major players such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, TikTok is pretty much the most-used search engine in the world.

Is TikTok right for businesses?

The simple answer to this question is: it depends.
B2C organisations do extremely well on the platform – especially if their target market involves people aged 15 – 35.
The non-profit sector performs very well on TikTok as well, because it is a hub for raising awareness of social, environmental and political issues.
However, the B2B sector is not historically a top performer on TikTok. There are other platforms (such as LinkedIn) which are more suitable for these businesses.

Leverage TikTok Today

TikTok has changed social media. Users love thematic generated content because it keeps them hooked to their screens – and this provides a valuable opportunity for any business looking to grab attention.
Feysal Marketing runs TikTok accounts for a number of B2C and third sector businesses, with huge success. Contact us today on 01923 549 177 for a no-obligation discussion about how TikTok can be leveraged by your organisation.

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