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Revitalising the marketing strategy at a major non-profit

Groundwork East is an environmental charity working throughout the East of England. Everything they do has a ‘green focus’ – which means that their varied work revolves around:

  • Cleaning rivers
  • Supporting biodiversity
  • Protecting green spaces
  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Encouraging sustainable growth

In March 2022, Groundwork East wanted to ‘update’ their marketing strategy and improve the clarity of their communication across all marketing channels. Feysal Marketing was brought in to achieve this.

Achieving clear communication across all marketing channels

Feysal Marketing worked closely with Groundwork East’s 50+ employees for a six-month interim period. In this time, we implemented all the marketing activity for the entire organisation, including:

  • Reaching a wider audience using social media
  • Sending out newsletters which engaged residents
  • Producing videos to tell clear, powerful stories
  • Creating brochures to communicate the charity’s aims
  • Refreshing Groundwork East’s marketing strategy
  • Advising on ‘best practice’ across all channels

Feysal Marketing embedded clear communication across all marketing channels and brought a fresh, dynamic edge to the charity’s marketing. Groundwork East was able to implement new strategies, promote new projects and generate hot leads because of the work we completed.

Increasing signups and generating leads for Groundwork East

The consistent and high-quality marketing support provided by Feysal Marketing brought a fresh direction to Groundwork East. The non-profit quickly engaged key stakeholders and further embedded its reputation as an environmental thought-leader and change-maker in the East of England.

Some notable results of our work included:

  • Generated several high value leads
  • Significantly increased signups to local events and projects
  • Achieved exposure to 10,000s of new stakeholders
  • Turned 100s of ‘inactive’ volunteers into regular participants

Groundwork East was delighted with the work Feysal Marketing produced. What was originally planned to be a 3-month contract was doubled in length, largely due to the high-quality work we produced.

What Our Client Said:

“Simon is a joy to work with – he grasped our complex brief quickly and delivered fantastic work that moved Groundwork East forward. We are really pleased with the outcomes and look forward to working together again when the need arises.”
James Newell, Executive Director, Groundwork East

“I have really enjoyed working with Simon – his energy and professionalism is contagious. His work is of a high standard, and he always met our deadlines and needs. I would recommend working with Simon without hesitation.”
Anna Martin-Edwards, Operations Manager, Groundwork East

“Working with Simon has been so useful. Through his flexible and open approach to working with us, I have really come to understand how social media can be used to communicate with our diverse audiences – not just to deliver messages, but to consult and collect feedback too. We have definitely made progress with his support!”
Joanne Goodall, Business Development Manager, Groundwork East

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