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Generating leads for a photography business

Gaia Visual is a commercial photography business based in London, England. They help world-leading NGOs to take outstanding photographs which tell powerful stories. Some of their largest clients include the World Health Organization, United Nations, and the British Heart Foundation.

Through excellent photography, Gaia Visual helps the world’s largest NGOs to:

  • Convey the impact of its programmes
  • Attract and maintain funding, staff, and volunteers
  • Inform beneficiaries and customers of services, campaigns or products
  • Maintain a regular, engaging social media presence

Gaia Visual also trains field workers in developing countries to take higher quality photos, which they can send back to their mainland NGO teams. This course was developed in response to NGOs frequently struggling to get high quality images from remote workers in the field.

Gaia Visual wanted to raise awareness of their ‘photography for fieldworkers’ service amongst world-leading NGOs. Feysal Marketing was brought in to achieve this.

Using LinkedIn to connect Gaia Visual with their ideal clients

Gaia Visual’s Director already had a strong presence on LinkedIn – with an up-to-date profile and weekly posts being sent out. Feysal Marketing was brought in to complement this activity by focusing on connecting the Director with his ‘ideal clients’ and using a personalised messaging strategy to secure meetings.

Feysal Marketing therefore set about to:

  • Identify the relevant personnel at major NGOs
  • Create spreadsheets with all relevant prospects in one place
  • Conduct research on each prospect, to enable personalised messages
  • Connect with prospects and send follow-up messages
  • Respond to all messages and set up appointments

This activity took place over several months. In this time, there was regular communication between Gaia Visual and Feysal Marketing to ensure our work was being completed optimally.

Through continuous reviews and improvements, excellent results were achieved during this campaign.

Significantly expanding Gaia Visual’s network

Feysal Marketing achieved excellent results for Gaia Visual, including:

  • 300+ new LinkedIn connections
  • 1000s more post views
  • 30+ ongoing conversations generated
  • 5+ appointments booked and followed through

Feysal Marketing also provided ongoing LinkedIn consultation throughout our work together, particularly on how to appeal to the algorithm and search engines.

Gaia Visual was very pleased with the work we produced.

What Our Client Said:

“Simon did such a great job with my LinkedIn lead generation. He was systematic and thorough, but also flexible and creative. We developed a strategy together that involved him going the extra mile, and the results exceeded expectations. Highly recommended. (And he’s a very nice chap too!)”

Jonathan Perugia, Founder and Director, Gaia Visual

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